RejudiCare 3C SYSTEM


Prepare to be amazed

The RejudiCare 3C System is comprised of three products that work together to delivverer a highly-effective combination of vitamin C to provide rapid results in balanced form uula-la-tions that are well tolerated. The 3C Products can be used together as a system or adadd-d-ed individually to a RejudiCare skincare routine to provide a powerful antioxidant boost.

Each product contains three types of vitamin C to provide layers of antioxidant prote tion and high-strength repair for the signs of photodamage. Vitamin C is shown to improve skin elasticity, the appearance of wrinkles,
collagen deposition and pigmentation.

These 3 Vitamin C sources combine to deliver a highly-potent level of vitamin C without the redness or irritation that can occur with other forms.

Products in the 3C SYSTEM group include:

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